Introducing the world's smartest internet monitoring device

What is Pyür?

Pyur is the first product of its kind that combines smart filtering, mobile alerts, and customized internet reporting to help you take control of your family's network and achieve balance in our screen-driven world.

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Stay connected.

Pyür communicates with all the devices on your network, allowing you to keep tabs on everything from the family XBOX to your daughter's smartphone.

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Stay in control.

The Pyür app condenses the activity of each device on your network into a simple, image-based feed. With your app, you can easily review, manage, and even control your Internet from anywhere.

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Stay informed.

Pyür reports complex data in a simple, elegant format, so you can understand and manage the where, when, why, and how of your network's internet activity.

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Achieve balance

Pyür is the world's smartest internet reporting device and the first product of its kind. Take control of your network connection and finally understand where your loved ones are spending screen time with Pyür's dynamic, learning technology.

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